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Your coaching process depends on the context you are in, the challenges you are facing and the objectives you have.

Coaching Process

The length, frequency and intensity of a coaching journey depends on the individual context you are in, the focus or objectives you have and the resources you are ready to allocate to your development. Below I describe some possible cornerstones of a coaching process:

Contacting & Scheduling
Typically I get approached by a leader interested in a coaching or by a HR business partner. In case of mutual interest we agree on a personal getting-to know meeting.
Meeting & Familiarisation
I meet with HR and/or the potential client for me to understand his/her developmental challenges and objectives and for you to understand who I am and how I work as (executive) coach. If you wish we can run a free of charge coaching-teaser for you as a potential client to get a first live experience. Finally we discuss overall terms and conditions.
Deciding & Contracting
If you decide that I am the right choice for your coaching needs, we meet again for a contracting meeting in order to agree on the scope, outcomes, length, frequency, location and measurements.
If wished for, we can meet together with your manager to discuss the scope of the coaching i.e. developmental focus and desired outcomes.
Researching & Deepening
Depending on the objectives, I use supporting tools such as MBTI, 360-light or stakeholder interviews. We might also decide that I shadow you at your desk during an ordinary office day. The outcome will provide additional perspectives and deepen your development.
Coaching & Developing
We meet for regular coaching sessions at my practice or the agreed location. As a client you expand the awareness of yourself, leverage strengths, reflect on feedback and the impact you have on others and experiment with new interpersonal behaviours. Between the sessions you work on personal assignments.
Measuring & Reporting
We regularly measure the progress against the agreed developmental focus. If requested I provide periodic progress reports to you and the appropriate stakeholders.
Reviewing & Closing
In the final meeting we review critically the entire coaching process, progress made and results.


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