I integrate
both the people and
business aspect.

Subject to my client I use a blend of coaching approaches: The methods I use range from traditional talk counseling to a systemic, Gestalt, body-centered or hypnosis focus. I stay reality-based and practice-oriented and integrate both the business and people aspect.

My Approach to Coaching

The essence of my approach

In order to affect not only your intellect but also your emotions I adopt a holistic, practice-oriented and behavioural approach where the spaces for personal reflection and self-exploration are core.

Personal orientation

I work with you on your issues related to personal development, self-exploration and growth: these might include discomfort, stress, anxiety, relationships, solitude, personal identity and life transition, or be the product of a particular influence, for example a career move, a shift in power and politics or a difficult personal or professional decision.


My approach is resource-oriented and supports your personal development.    I help you to build up your agility and resilience even in a very difficult and challenging personal and/or business environment.

Relationship and trust

My approach is founded on mutual respect, trust and acceptance. I guarantee full confidentiality for your personal and professional data, and all information shared during your coaching.

What I can offer you:

I have personal experience of organisational reality and corporate politics. Thanks to my professional education and experience I can tap into a variety of resources to help you better live your life and perform in your role. I am ready to offer my full dedication to your personal development, to support but also challenge you, so that you can develop and grow as a person.


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