Your individual speech
pattern lets you
access your

The idiolectic counselling technique is special in the sense that it allows a direct access to your deeper personal level.



The Idiolectic Counselling Technique was developed by the psychosomatic specialist David Jonas and has proven to be a powerful method in various fields of application.

Individual speech

Our individual speech consists of the semantic meaning of words combined with the unique and personal significance, which reveals the inner wisdom of the client.

Archaic reflexes

The Idiolectic is based on the mode of action of archaic reflexes and the limbic system, which controls our emotions. This provides an entry to your physical and psychological symptoms.

Limbic system

In our lives we have experienced personal offenses and emotional wounds. This leads to limbic blockages. With appropriate decoupling methods on the level of the limbic system, the emotional rating system in our brain, these blockages can be dissolved.

What I can offer you:

I put your individual speech at the centre of your coaching. This allows a deeper access to your inner wisdom and therefore to yourself. You get empowered to use your own resources more effectively, discover new personal insights and dissolve your inner blockages.


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