I make a

I am fully committed to adding tangible value to you and your organisation.

Your Benefit

Your added value through my coaching:

Thinking space

I provide the necessary thinking space for you to step out of your daily work, reflect and grow with others in the face of your main challenges.

Safe environment

I provide a private setting that allows you to safely make sense of your current situation and reflect with a confidant on your most sensitive questions.


Business proximity

I have led teams and know the power games and unwritten rules of the corporate world. This allows me to quickly relate to your business reality and understand easier what you are talking about.

Business impact

I stimulate you on how to operate within the various leadership dilemmas, conflicts of interest, political games, power pressures, integrity questions and other leadership challenges.


Personal development

I encourage you to become more self-aware, get access to your demons and find out what makes you special. You will find your own, authentic leadership style.

Straightforward feedback

I provide you with blunt and open feedback of how you come across in personal interactions.


Integrative view

I help you find out how your emotions, stress level, relationships and work life are all interconnected so that you can get a deeper understanding of your inner logic and wisdom.

Wide range of methods

I use a broad variety of effective and powerful personal development approaches that you can apply directly to yourself and your business challenges.


Practical application

All your insights have little relevance if they have no impact on your behavior. I bridge your insights to your immediate, practical application and leadership action.


Rather than answering your questions I help you to ask new questions. You always remain the master of your own destiny.


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