Senior women leaders
often lack appropriate
role models.

In addition to leadership coaching I have specialized in senior women coaching. The encounter of masculine and feminine leadership intelligence can be very enlightening and fruitful.

Senior Women Coaching

Minority syndrome

As a senior woman leader it is likely that you feel occasionally excluded or even isolated in a male dominated leadership and business environment. Coaching can help you to find alternative coping strategies to better position yourself in such a challenging environment.


In a masculine environment, female leaders can find it more difficult to develop self-awareness and self-confidence. Coaching can help you to explore your strengths and weaknesses, grasp what makes you unique and special, and utilise these insights to increase your self-assurance and effectiveness.

Develop own leadership style

Even in the absence of sufficient role models, it is critical for your success as a senior leader that you understand the impact of your current leadership and have an understanding on who you want to be as a leader.

Network & sponsorship

Self-reflection alone is not good enough. A key element of your coaching is to analyze and enhance your network and identify how you can get allies, mentors and sponsors to support you in your current role and future career.

What I can offer you:

I support but also challenge you, provide new perspectives and give you direct and open feedback to help you further increase your self-awareness and self-assurance. I focus on your business goals and outcomes and your real concerns and issues to ensure there is a direct impact on your performance on a personal and organisational level.


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