You only know
you've been high
when you are
feeling low.

If you find yourself feeling confused or overwhelmed by your current situation, it can be of value to have a trusted ally with whom you can just pause and exchange.

Stress and Crisis

Your discomfort

Whether the concern is internal conflict, relationship issues, mood instability, anxiety, general stress, gender identity or trauma, there are ways to progress.

Being on top of things

The idea that you can be permanently competent, unfailing and effective is naive. As a leader you have periods when you feel you are surfing, others when you seem to be sinking and periods when you are swimming along fine.

Midlife crisis

A midlife crisis is a stress-filled phase of life. As a turning point it forces you to look back at who you have been so far and who you want to become going forward. A midlife crisis is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation that can create new meaning and fulfilment.

Finding your way back

If you feel you are sinking or have just lost your way and need to find your way back, I am here to accompany you on your journey.

What I can offer you:

I cultivate a gentle, compassionate, direct and challenging curiosity and empower you to review and reform your life. I don’t give you answers. I rather help you ask new questions. I suggest we take a deeper look at how your emotions, stress level, relationships and work life are interconnected. I take an integrative perspective to help you discover new ways of seeing and being.


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